About Drink Tech Bangladesh

About Drink Tech Bangladesh, 2017

Soft drinks can trace their history back to the mineral water found in natural springs. Bathing in natural springs has long been considered a healthy thing to do; and mineral water was said to have curative powers. Scientists soon discovered that gas carboniumor carbon dioxide was behind the bubbles in natural mineral water.

The first marketed soft drinks (non-carbonated) appeared in the 17th century. They were made from water and lemon juice sweetened with honey. In 1676, the Companied Lemonades of Paris were granted a monopoly for the sale of lemonade soft drinks. Vendors would carry tanks of lemonade on their backs and dispensed cups of the soft drink to thirsty Parisians.

At present Bangladesh has a very competitive market of beverage. Bangladesh has a relatively hot weather and people tend to be thirstier. So they prefer to take soft drinks most of the time. Beverage took the market of Bangladesh in the first half of 1980. In that time two or three soft drinks were available in the market. But now lots of beverage found in the market. Some of them are popular and some are not so popular.

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